Our Committees

The following committees meet on a monthly basis to complete annual work plans, which are created to guide activities and provide a yardstick for measuring the success of our program. The Board of Directors is responsible for developing a budget based on each work plans submitted by the committees. As a volunteer, you will receive a committee folder containing our programs work plans, a list of fellow committee & board members contact information, and a committee handbook. Main Street’s success is based on a comprehensive strategy of work in four areas coined the Four Point Approach:

Organization- This committee is charged with building a consensus and cooperation among the many groups and individuals who have a role to play in the revitalization process through education. They work to market Main Street and its goals to the community and recruit new volunteers and members.

Promotion- Marketing downtown’s assets to customers, potential investors, new businesses, local citizens and visitors is the main role of this committee. This group also works to market downtown as a fun and exciting place to visit and shop through annual events and retail promotions.

Design- This group works toward enhancing the physical appearance of downtown by capitalizing on its assets and heritage. Encouraging the rehabilitation of historic buildings and sensitive new construction are one aspect of this committee. They also work developing design strategies for streetscape projects & other beautification projects too.

Economic Vitality- This committee works toward strengthening downtown’s economic base while finding ways to expand it to meet new opportunities for development. The group looks at ways to improve retail mix, build a stronger tax base, and create a stable role for the downtown as a major component of the community’s economic health.