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Christmas Writing Contest Winners

“The Greatest Gift of Christmas” - This was the theme students from the Momence community wrote about this year during Main Street Momence’s annual Christmas writing contest held recently for our school children. There was one potential winner per grade level. The winners of the contest received a “Gold Pass” to the Downtown Christmas Gathering. All activities were free of charge and included a $20 gift certificate to a downtown restaurant. Of the 3 winners, one was chosen through a drawing to do the count down and assist Mayor Porter with the Lighting of the community Christmas tree held on the 6th of December. The contest was organized by Chairman Kelly Handley of Je-Neir Elementary, Retired Teacher-Becky Landrie, and Janine Loftus, Executive Director of Main Street Momence.

2014 Christmas Writing Contest Winners

The winners included from left to right: Je-Neir Students: 2nd grade - Shane Cook - Mrs. Smith’s class, 3rd Grade - Tessa Chico - Mrs. Handley’s class (Tessa helped Mayor Porter light the tree), and 4th Grade - Lily Alfonso - Ms. Cook's class. Their winning entries are as follows:

2nd Grade
Shane Cook

The Grinch said, "What if Christmas does not come from a store? What if Christmas perhaps means much more?" That means the best Christmas Gift is not a present. The best Christmas gift is spending time with family. We laugh and have fun. I think that is the best Christmas Gift, but the best part is we celebrate Jesus' birthday!

3rd Grade
Tessa Chico

Christmas is my favorite time of the whole year. There are so many gifts at Christmastime. Some of my favorite ones are looking at all of the pretty lights and decorations, hearing all of the Christmas music on the radio and everywhere you go, making and decorating yummy Christmas cookies, and putting up and decorating our Christmas tree and opening Christmas presents on Christmas morning. But to me, the greatest gift of all is that it's the only time of the whole year that I get to see all of my family in one place and get to celebrate Jesus' birthday together. We also get to share ALL of the other gifts of Christmas with each other on this special day. Seeing everyone I love together and happy is the very best gift of Christmas to me.

4th Grade
Lily Alfonso

What is the greatest gift of Christmas? The greatest gift of Christmas is a sugar glider! A sugar glider is like a monkey and a squirrel. I always wanted a monkey! It climbs on you like a squirrel and a monkey. You dress it up in Barbie clothes and make a little house for it out of toy barns. You can paint its nails. If you are a boy you still can do what you want to it. You can do a lot of fun things with it! The reason why a sugar glider is a good gift is it's easy to keep it in the house because its' smell. Also it eats the same things as us! You will never get tired of it, you will always want to play with it. That's the greatest gift of Christmas!